Indispensable for all work up to 9 meters inside and out. All Rocket staff are fully trained in the safe positioning of ladders and safe working practices at height. We only use professional window cleaning ladders with 3 points of contact for total stability, i.e. extra wide feet and single point high friction rubber padded top.

Cherry Pickers
We get high! All the way to 43 meters/142 feet in fact. This means we can reach from the ground up to the 13th floor and still have 9 meters of outreach in any direction from the truck.

For smaller buildings still requiring cherry picker access, we can use a variety of smaller cherry pickers, some of which can be manoeuvred into very tight spaces to solve awkward access situations.

Our extensive experience with powered access platforms/cherry pickers means we always choose the right machine for the job, thereby saving our clients hundreds of pounds.

You want to go higher? We have the UK’s highest buildings covered with International Rope Access Training Association (IRATA) qualified abseilers. All of our rope access is done using the best climbing equipment available and ropes are always double secured to certified anchor points or parts of the building with full structural integrity.

Pure Water Fed Poles
We use Pure water Fed Poles, also known as the “reach and wash” system to clean windows up to 16 meters whilst standing on the ground. This recent innovation in window cleaning allows us to pump purified water from the ground via a pole to the fine filament brush which washes windows and frames without leaving any residue or run marks. This is ideal for modern fully-sealed windows outside.

Rocket Additional Services
We can carry out all high level cleaning and maintenance work in conjunction with or independent of window cleaning. Many of our clients receive added value by using us to clear roof gutters and gulley, and maintain window frames etc. We are proactive in identifying high level maintenance requirements and can respond quickly to your needs.

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