Rocket Window Cleaning was established in 1992. Rocket offers a complete window cleaning service for commercial, industrial, public sector and large residential premises.

We currently clean windows for over 110 local authorities and commercial clients in Greater London and South East England. These are predominantly primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges, but Rocket will undertake all window cleaning work regardless of sector.

Rocket uses the experience gained over the past 14 years to develop methods specifically suited to individual window cleaning needs. It is our technical proficiency, and complete understanding of health and safety issues that provides high quality assurance and peace of mind for all our clients.

With our expertise and specialist knowledge, Rocket has become a trusted and favoured name for window cleaning contracting in Greater London and South East England.

To find out more about Rocket, click on to any one of our sections on the site. Alternatively you can contact Matthew Taylor on
Email: rocketcleaning@yahoo.co.uk
Telephone: 0207 837 2202 Fax: 0207 833 3130